Iviusiq offers service to record your live session on location.

We will bring microphones, mic stands and cables designated to record the session.

The quality of the recording has to do with the environment where it will be recorded.

Usually the recording will have a better result if recorded in a room where the acoustics are adequate for a recording session.


Iviusiq also offers the opportunity to make your composition possible.

As a musician nowadays it is very difficult to find time to write and have live performances at the same time, so we will help you have the songs that fits with what you want to present to your audience by taking care of the creative part of it for you.


We can also do voice-over work or even do a live session while combining audio and video recording.


Iviusiq has been providing its services to Sofar Sounds Leiden, part of Sofar Sounds, which is organised in more than 400 cities worldwide, Combining video recording with audio recording in a room environment.


Live Audio Recordings


You can record your live session on a location of your preference if you're a solo artist, a duo or a four or five person band.

Studio Recording


Demo/reference recording

Iviusiq can record that song that you wrote but always wanted to have recorded.

The demo recordings are more aimed at Singer/Songwriters or musicians who wants to have a demo of their music recorded.



Iviusiq can create a song specifically for you as an artist or a band. This can be a wonderful experience as a starting singer or band who needs original songs to perform live.


Voice-Over Recording

If you need an enthusiastic voice for your commercial or soundtrack,

Iviusiq can provide this for you.

Get in touch with us and we can provide some extra voice for your next project.




Video & Audio Recordings


If you want to have an additional video clip recorded during your live session, it is possible at Iviusiq. Multiple camera angles will also be added during the recording of your video.

For more information contact us in the "Contact" section.

Video Production


Video Editing

Iviusiq can edit your video for you. We can bring all your recorded video footages together and finish it for you. We go into the procedure of mixing it together with the audio (if present) and finish up your video.



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