Written by: André Hazel    8 September 2018


“I think I’m pretty determined, creative and a silly human being, friendship is a big part of my life and I like to make people laugh and fun times.”  - Dom Fricot -




















Photo by: Dom Fricot (During his photo shoot)


Early Years of Dominique


Born in a small town in British Columbia, Canada called Vernon, he grew up on the outskirts of a town of approximately 20.000 people.


When he was a kid his mom wanted him and his siblings to pursue music lessons.

His parents were determined for them to learn music, because they never had the opportunity themselves to learn a music instrument.

Dom started with classical piano, but hated it and didn’t like to practice what he describes as  “these scales.”

When Dom finally got to quit a few years later, he heard the sound of grunge music.

It was in the early 90’s, Nirvana was huge.

It was around the time when Kurt Cobain, lead vocalist of the band Nirvana, just passed away.

The first thing he recalls hearing was the electric guitar with distortion.

He really wanted to play power chords on grunge & punk rock music after that moment.



His first performances


He was around 11 or 12 years old when he performed on stage for the first time.

At the time his friends were starting bands, he also wanted to join a band.

Unfortunately Dom’s friends wouldn’t let him join the band, because he couldn’t play the guitar yet at the time.

He still found a way to perform with two other friends, one on the bass guitar and the other on the guitar.

He sang the song “Gotta Get Away” by the band “The Offspring” together with his two friends in front of the whole elementary school.

He also did one dance move the whole time during his performance, which he felt embarrassed about looking back at the whole experience.

Even though they performed together that night, they weren’t a band.

It was later that he, together with the bass player, formed a band called “Portal.”

It was basically a Silverchair cover band, an Australian grunge band.

“We identified with them because at the time they were like 14, 15 years old and we were 12, 13 years old” Dom recalls.


He liked the rush, the fear and the adrenaline of getting up in front of people performing.

Dom always loved the aspect of feeling vulnerable standing in front of an audience.





















Photo by: André Hazel (Dom Fricot performing with Folk Road Show in The Hague)




Places Dom performed live


He did some touring across Canada.

In 2014 he came to Europe to play with three singer-songwriters.

They ended up forming a band.

They had a lot of performances in The Netherlands.

He also performed in Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark and lately in Italy.

In The United States he mostly performed in the western part across the U.S. coast.




Collaboration work


As a musician he had done a lot of collaborating work. He started out in bands and played in a couple of serious bands before continuing as a solo artist.


Most recently he does some top-line writing, writing sing along Electric Dance Music (EDM) tracks.

He is currently performing live with the band called “Folk Road Show,” which consists of 5 different singer songwriters from different countries.

He has been in a band called "Painted Birds" from 2005 to 2010.

For the last couple of years with this band he wanted to do his own thing, he felt that his ideas did not come across with the band.

At first he did not know what he wanted to accomplish as a solo artist, so he went to a couple of open mics.

At the first open mic the guy chased him up and told him that they have shows on the west coast every Wednesdays.

He played those shows and even got invited by a few musicians to feature as opening act for their shows, he was of to the races from there.



















Photo by: Dom Fricot (Special performance for Music Heals Canada)



Highlight during his journey


He feels like there have been many great moments during his journey.

When he was first releasing his album, he dropped off a CD at a local radio station in Vancouver.

They contacted Dom a few days later to give him the news that they are adding his song into rotation.

It was at that point that his music career took a whole different direction.

People were talking about his song in front of him not knowing that he sang that specific song.




His future plans


His main plans are to keep recording singles and album with his band "Folk Road Show."

As a solo artist he wants to continue working in the top-line industry writing for other people,

He likes to use his voice on any kind of artwork and any genre that speaks to him.

In October of 2018 he will be on tour across Canada with Folk Road Show.








Written by: André Hazel    8 September 2018




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