Written by: André Hazel    6 June 2018


"I am a chill guy, I take my time to do my things,

as a person I like to make social connections."

~ Mark V. ~
















Photo by: Mark V. (A view of Noordwijk aan Zee with Mark V on the left)



Early years


Mark V. grew up in Noordwijk, a small town in The Netherlands.

He spent most of his time around the beach growing up.

At his high school they had a music room.

He often went there during the school breaks to make music

with his friends.

He recalls one day going to the music room playing “Smell Like Teen Spirit,” a song by a grunge band called Nirvana.

He got so excited playing this particular song on the guitar.

When he went home after school, he told his dad about the song with

the belief that his father wouldn’t know the song.

To his surprise his dad showed him a copy of the album “Nevermind,"

which features the song “Smell Like Teen Spirit.”

Until this day he considers that specific moment as his introduction

to rock music.















Photo by: Leonova Management (Photo shoot of Mark V. in 2016)



His first bands


With his first band they performed without a bass player.

Back then he didn’t know the value that a bass guitar had and can

bring to the total sound of a band.

Playing in a band for the first time gave him the confidence to interact

with people on a different level.

It made him appreciate himself even more as a person,

which eventually inspired him to start setting life goals.

After a while he started performing with a band called

"Between Stars & Crosses."


“Flock Of Angels” is another band he performed with during

his early years into music.

The band “Pink Floyd” was at that time his biggest inspiration,

spending hours listening to their songs.

Soon after he joined a band called “Chaining Daisy" (he is technically

still part of the band).

He experimented with his vocal range and felt that he exceeded his expectations at moments when he needed to reach the higher notes

while singing.



Shift to his solo career


During his performances with the band he began to notice that the band differed from the direction he wanted to go with his music.

This led him to make the decision to start his solo career.

He also noticed that it was getting harder to get everyone together

for band practice, which made his decision to pursue his solo career

even more compelling.

His solo career gave him the chance to do his own thing the way

he envisioned it.



Highlights during his journey


One of the highlights as a musician was when he played his last gig

with his band “Chaining Daisy.”

People approached the band members and congratulated them

for how they progressed throughout the years.

Another highlight during his music career was performing live in Bangkok

at a location where bands like Cool and The Gang had previously performed.

The site is on the 33th story of a building that has a beautiful panoramic view of the city.

He never thought he would ever perform at a place like that.

“Just seeing the view and the people there has an impact on you

as a person, how they appreciate what you are doing while you are standing there on your own imagining how the hell did I get there,

is definitely a moment to reflect on how special it is.”
















Photo by: André Hazel (Mark V. performing at Berghpop Festival in 2016)



Future plans


He will never stop making music, that is something he is certain

about and implements parts of that philosophy in his future plans.

He will continue performing live music and is planning to make

more original songs.

His past experiences will be the foundation to write new songs.


Mark V has released an EP in 2015 called "Red Haze part 1,"

which is available on iTunes & Spotify & other streaming services sites.





 Written by: André Hazel    6 June 2018




1 Minute with Mark V.




























Mark V. is also on Social media











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