On this page you can read information on how this website “,” representing the company of “Iviusiq,” uses personal information of its user and how it is being administered.



-  Collecting users data

Ivusiq collects the name & email of users who fill out the contact form in the “Contact” section. The email address of the user is only kept on the email database of and is not distributed as a backup file or send to third parties.


-  Users information

The information (in this case the name & email) of users who contacted Iviusiq through the “contact form”, are accumulated in the received email of

There is no additional motive for Iviusiq to use information obtained through the “contact form” other than providing answers to questions requested by users.


-  Removing data of user from database

If a user reaches out to Iviusiq with the petition to have its name & email records removed,

Iviusiq will delete the information of the user immediately from the database of

The name & email of the user is removed when there is no business contact with the user.

Data of user can also be removed when there is no motive to reply to the user.


-  Additional users data collecting

Newsletters are currently not used on, if or when used, the privacy policy in this section will be adjusted.

Users fill in polls features on the website provided by to help iviusiq get an overview on how the total experience is of users visiting the site.

No personal information is obtained by from the polls.


-  Publishing content

We ensured that all content material on is published after authorization is granted by the rights holder of the relating content.

If in any circumstance this is not the case, Iviusiq will remove that specific content from the website or settle an agreement with the rightful claimant.


-  Misuse or data leakage

The team of Iviusiq will take legal action against offenders in case of an intentional leakage of content or misuse of information on



-  Third party data sharing

Iviusiq does not share personal information with third parties through this website.

Payment transfers during business agreements goes through direct contact via email or other ways of contact between the client and Iviusiq.

Iviusiq will notify their user about the privacy information in this section in case there is modifications made on the website.



Iviusiq only uses name & email information of our users.

Personal photos, fingerprints, IP-address, location, age, sexual orientation, health information and political opinion are not being collected, analyzed or obtained by the team of Iviusiq.

The company operates in The Netherlands and has the obligation to comply with the privacy policies implemented by the European Union on 25 May 2018.




This privacy statement is updated on:  6 June 2018



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