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"Music of the band Rascal has 60’s/70’s origins with 90’s pop rock influences."  ~ Rascal ~















Photo by: Ron van der Plas (Rascal performing live in The Hague)




How the band members of Rascal met


Rascal is a duo act (currently also performing as a band) from

The Hague, The Netherlands.

This duo called themselves King’s Recipe at first,

but changed the name to Rascal.


The two founding members Mr. Martin & Robby C. met each other

when Robby C. responded to a job vacancy posted by studio owner

Mr. Martin, who at the time was in search for an engineer.

Robby C. walked in The WTC building in The Hague,

where the job interview was about to take place and got the job.

He started working at Mr. Martin’s studio, they found out that they

both play guitar and write songs.

Within two months they had their first live performance on stage at

the anti slavery festival.






















Photo by: André Hazel (Rascal performing live in Roosendaal)




The origins of Robby C.


Robby C. grew up in Leiden and later moved to the beach town

of Noordwijk.

When he was 19 years old he had the chance to perform alongside

his father on a 12-string guitar.

He considers this experience as his first live performance on stage.

He was influenced by Rock‘n Roll 60’s music from bands such as The Beatles, Led Zeppelin and 90’s Rock/Grunge bands like Foo Fighters, Nirvana

and Queens of the Stone Age.



The origins of Mr. Martin


Mr Martin grew up in Zoetermeer and still lives in this small city

close to The Hague.

He started performing live on stage when he was only five years old.

His brothers Andrew and Michel, who are also guitar players,

gave Mr. Martin the chance to be on stage.

Coming from a musically orientated family, he recalls always being surrounded by music instruments especially guitars.

Mr. Martin noted Robbie Williams as his big inspiration.

Genres like Hip-Hop, R&B and later Pop Rock brought Mr. Martin more

into the music scene.
















Photo by: Blossom Photography (Mr. Martin "left" & Robby C. "right" during a photo shoot)



Future developments of Rascal


Performing with Rascal has become part of their life and they can’t imagine living without it anymore.

To have the audience singing along during gigs are moments where they

get energized and feel that their performance starts to get better.

Rascal was also part of last year’s The Yellow Acoustic Tour.

This tour featured four singer/songwriters that performed in The Netherlands.


Rascal is also currently performing live at festivals and concerts

as a band and on other occasions as a duo act.

Rascal is currently working on their first EP, which is set to be released

in the summer of 2018.

The title of the EP will be “From The Start”.

Rascal will also be releasing their first video clip of their single

“I Will Never Leave”, which is available on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify

and other streaming services sites.








Written by: André Hazel    6 July  2018



1 Minute with Rascal




Rascal is also on Social Media



Official website:












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