Written by: André Hazel    6 June 2018



The Yellow Acoustic Tour took place in the spring and summer of 2017. Four acts, each with their own music styles, were part of this tour. These artists decided to tour across The Netherlands and so continuing the Red Haze Unplugged Tour, a tour, which first took place in 2016.













Photo by: Nelson Fonseca (Official Logo of The Yellow Acoustic Tour)



The year before the tour started


Red Haze Unplugged Tour was the name of the live shows,

performed in the year 2016.

The idea to setup a tour came when Mark V. and Nelson were looking

for ways to promote their (at the time) new released albums.

They decided to set up a tour in the region of Noordwijk, their hometown.

Somersault Baby was added to the tour.

She is a singer-songwriter currently performing with her all female-band called “Lilith."

André Hazel, a singer songwriter who lives in The Hague, was also

added to the tour around March of 2016.

He started his own music project in 2015 called “Dubbinance” and has

been preparing to initiate his own band around this project.

The difference between the music that each artist made was

very noticeable when they performed live during the tour.



Members of The Yellow Acoustic Tour


Artists of The Yellow Acoustic Tour performed live in the Netherlands.

Somersault Baby did not take part of the tour in the year 2017.

Rascal joined the tour, therefore changing the line-up.






























Photo by: André Hazel (Performances of members of the tour)




Yellow Acoustic Tour consisted of:


- Mark V.: Combines Ballad with Rock music


- Nelson: Plays soft rock in combination with acoustic pop


- André Hazel: Uses influences of rock music and combines it with reggae


- Rascal: Focuses on pop rock implemented with acoustic rock



The variety of each act


These artists have all played in bands in the past and are living

in Zuid-Holland with the exception of Mark V., who currently lives abroad.

They decided to focus more on their singer-songwriting abilities

to showcase their original compositions to the world.

When the four artists of The Yellow Acoustic Tour performed live,

they combined original compositions with cover music.

The variety of styles through their performances created

an entertaining experience for the public.

They occasionally played two sets each, depending on the event.













Photo by: André Hazel (Promotional picture of members of the tour)


Each artist of The Yellow Acoustic Tour 2017 will be featured on






Written by: André Hazel    6 June 2018



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